Friday Favorites – 2nd Edition

Friday is here! Didn’t this Friday seem to come around a lot quicker than others (thanks Labor Day)? I love a four day week. Thanks to a little rain in deep South Texas, we got to shut the farm down on Monday – so it was truly a four day week around here. However, the same cannot be said for this weekend. The sun has been shining all week and things have dried up nicely around here – so it’s time to get back in the field and start some land prep on the farm. We live and work around the weather. It’s life on the farm. And I love it.

I’m excited to share a few more of my Friday Favorites this week. For this round of Friday Favorites – I walked into my closet and kitchen and plucked out a few things I use every day (or at least weekly). So all these things really and truly are some of my favorites. Check them out and let me know if you love them too!

1. Stella & Dot Engravable Bar Necklace


I love this necklace because it’s simple and cute. I had my necklace engraved with our wedding anniversary. But you can engrave it with any date, any name, or any initials you choose. They even offer different charm shapes to choose from. I’m not a “big jewelry” person – I just can’t pull it off. So this is the perfect little thing for me. Sometimes I’ll get wild and crazy and layer it with a longer chain necklace. But usually I throw this necklace on as an every day piece and love the simple look of it. I snagged this piece up at a friend’s Stella & Dot Jewelry Party. If you have a gal pal that is a Stella & Dot stylist, she can get it ordered for you. Or you can visit the Stella & Dot website and shop the necklace here:

2. Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoes


I’ve been running in Mizuno Wave Inspire shoes for about 5 years. I love them. My feet and these shoes are soul mates. They just work well together. I don’t even shop around for running shoes anymore (I’m committed), I just run down to my local running store and order the same shoe in the new model. This is the Wave Inspire 12 by Mizuno. These shoes are pretty new with only a small of chunk of miles on them – that’s why they’re still so shiny and clean. I love brand new running shoes. It’s like running on clouds. I know that shoes (especially running shoes) are very personal choices and a different shoe works for different people, but if you’re on the hunt for a new running shoe – or just a new walking shoe – you might want to check these out.

I get my Mizunos from our local running store, Footworks. If you’re in the Rio Grande Valley, Footworks can analyze your foot and stride and get you in a pair of these. Or you can check them out online here:

3. Kashi Cookies


I didn’t accidentally place the cookies right after the running shoes spiel. I run to eat. I run to eat cookies. cake. donuts. and cookies. Homemade cookies will always be my first choice, but that’s not always an option. So it’s nice to have something readily available in the pantry. And these cookies are my absolute favorite boxed cookie. The best thing you can do with this cookie is get a cup of coffee or a cup of hot tea and whip one of these cookies out and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds. It’s perfect. This is something I do frequently around the 2 o’clock hour. My favorite thing about these cookies is that they’re hearty, so 1 cookie really does the trick. The oats in the cookie give it a grainy texture – so they’re like…healthy, ya know? And the chocolate chips, well those just sweeten the deal. Try them!! And don’t forget to warm them.

You can grab a box of these babies at your local grocery store, Walmart or Target for $3-$4 a box. Or check them out here:

4. Fiesta Dishes


I started collecting Fiesta when we got married. I love the simple design. I love all the colors. I love that Fiesta is still American made. And I love the history of Fiesta. It’s been around since 1936 and it is the most collected dinnerware in the history of the tabletop industry. Fiesta introduces a new color every year. And the retired colors that are truly retired can’t be ordered – they can only be collected by antique dealers and Fiesta collectors. So Fiesta is fun to collect. It’s fun to shop for. And it’s just fun to eat off these pretty dishes. I have a handful of colors I like to collect. I love to hunt for serving platters, bowls and any other knick knack serving pieces to add to my collection. Sure, I could go to Dillards or Amazon to order some of these dishes (and sometimes I do), but it’s fun to keep your eyes peeled when you’re strolling the antique shops.

If you love Fiesta, check the current selections in your local department store or look online at:

Or next time you find yourself antiquing, keep an eye out for Fiesta!

5. GiGi New York – All In One Bag


I love this clutch for going out (or when I don’t have to carry toy tractors) because it’s small enough to tuck under your arm – but it’s big enough for a wallet, a phone, a little touch up make up for the road, a pack of gum, and even a few other small things. It’s the perfect size when you’re on the go. There are lots of different colors to choose from. There are also a ton of different sizes and styles to choose from. And…you can personalize. Who wouldn’t want to put their initials on their handbag? And don’t you just love that tassel!

If you’re in the Rio Grande Valley, you can find GiGi New York bags at Cita’s Boutique in Harlingen and Brownsville. If you’re not in this part of the world, go online to check out the selections at:

Labor Day Love

You know when you ask a married couple, how long they’ve been together…a typical response is “married 12 years…but we’ve been together for 17” or “married 3 years…but together for 5″…or whatever the appropriate number of years are.  Some of us throw in that extra number of actual years together. It’s important, man. Gotta get credit for all of it. Especially if it’s a good number that tacks on some years of together-ness. Whether you throw it in to show how long you’ve been blisfully happy together – or how long you’ve been in the trenches of life, hand-in-hand, trying to be the best team you can be together, it’s always good to showcase how many years you’ve loved each other unconditionally and stuck it out through thick and thin (in addition to the married years). 

In our case, we’ve been married for 8 years (wait for it, wait for it)…but we’ve been together for 12 years. In fact, exactly 12 years ago today (Labor Day) me and the hubs went on our very first date. If you’ve read our Love Story on my homepage, then you know some of the details of our first date. Like the fact that our first date was a blind date, so it was kind of a big deal for us. Oh! You know I had an excuse lined up in case I opened the door and didn’t like what I saw (Kidding! Actually, I’m not). Fortunately, I didn’t have to pretend to be grounded…or sick. I forget which one I was planning to go with – if it was deemed necessary. The beautiful human standing in front of me at the front door on that first Labor Day date met my expectations and then some for a good looking date.

So our first Labor Day together was a magical one (well as magical as it can get at the local Chili’s and Cinemark theater). Since that momentous date, we have spent 11 more Labor Days together. I won’t claim that this Labor Day is as enchanted as our first Labor Day together. This year we are doing some grocery shopping. A little cardio. Garage cleaning. BBQ chicken for dinner. And pre-setting the coffee pot for tomorrow morning. It’s not magical or romantic – but it’s our real life. And we love it (except for the garage cleaning). But as normal and mundane as it may sound, there’s still a little extra lust in the air every year on Labor Day for us, because we I love to remember our first meeting and first date together and all the desire that lingered between us. Notice how I said “extra lust in the air” – because there is always so much lust in our household. I kid y’all. We try. Just like every other married couple – we work at it every day. But there’s no other human on this Earth I’d rather work at life and marriage with than the hubs. He’s a keeper. On Labor Day and every day.

I hope everyone has a Labor Day full of love (and relaxation).







Friday Favorites

Don’t you love Fridays? It’s the end of the week – start of the weekend. It’s the perfect day to sit back relax and reflect and look forward to the weekend ahead – whether it’s full of fun activities or a blank slate (I love weekends with no schedule).  Friday nights are my favorite. It’s usually take out night in our house and we just chill man. Let the kid run around like a wild Indian after the long week, crack open a bottle of vino and get ready for an exciting night of ABC’s 20/20. Now if my 19 year little-old-self heard me chattering on like this 10 years ago I would have scoffed at this washed up 29 year old.  Because 10 years ago – Friday nights were for going out till 2 AM, live concerts, 11 pm dinners at Whataburger, midnight movie showings (Ahhh I’m already tired thinking of it). No thank you…I am perfectly content with my already extended Friday bed time of 11 PM and movie nights on my sofa…in yoga pants…with the hubs. Maybe I’ll get re-energized when when I’m 40.

To kick off this beautiful weekend, I’m going to share five of my absolute favorite things that I just can’t imagine my life without.

1. Costa Del Mar South Point Aviator Sunglasses


My sweet husband got these for me for a birthday I think. And sunglasses are hard things to gift! They are very specific to people and their face shape. He hit it out of the ballpark with these because they are perfect for me and my long little face. They make the world a brighter place and I can’t imagine even getting in my car without these little babies on my head. I dread the day that I break or lose these. It will be a sad day. But if you’re in the market for some new snazzy aviators – these might be the pair for you.

Check them out here:

2. Old Gringo Boots


These boots are my absolute favorite pair of boots. They’re simple but still have a pop of color with that beautiful turquoise stitch pattern. They go with everything and look great on. With the 95+ degree heat we’ve had around here lately, I haven’t had much of an inkling to wear boots at all – but I’m ready to slip these beauties on soon. We’ve been missing each other. They are the most comfortable boot I own (probably because I wear them the most) but really – I love all my Old Gringo boots. I got this pair from our good friends who own a local western wear store in our town. If you’re in the Rio Grande Valley – Bullrider Western Wear in Harlingen can you hook you up with a pair of these beauties.

Or you can check them out online here:

3. Monogram Mug


Coffee tastes better in these mugs. It’s true. I always always have my first cup of coffee in this mug…before the hoopla of the day begins and I have to resort to travel coffee cups. A good friend of mine gifted me a couple of these for Christmas one year and I have since bought a few of my own to add to my collection. They are simple, pretty and make coffee fun to drink. I have actually considered packing one of these in my luggage when I leave town because I. love. ’em. that. much. They also make cute little gifts!

To check these out and order a couple for yourself go to:

4. La Crema Pinot Noir


I could start by rambling on some tasting notes such as “vibrant red cherry aromas that mingle with sweet spice and coffee bean tones” (and this is true if you’re into those details) but honestly – It’s just a good subtle red wine. It goes with everything from meat, fish, chicken….and pizza. I love trying new wines. But a pinot noir is my favorite. And La Crema never disappoints. It’s my favorite wine to gift and share with guests. It’s all around crowd pleaser. The hubs isn’t a big wine drinker – but this is actually a wine that even he can enjoy. So grab few girlfriends crack open a bottle of this fermented goodness and enjoy.

You can find a bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir at most grocery stores and liquor stores – usually anywhere between $14-$22 a bottle.

5. Boom Chicka Pop


Are you catching on to my Olivia Pope drift here? Wine and popcorn…it’s a good combination. And speaking of Olivia – I am ready for Scandal and the whole TGIT train to resume. I love that show.

This is the only popcorn we eat at home. I love it – the hubs loves it – my kid loves it. Why bother buying anything else. ever. again. It’s good! It’s already popped. And it’s only 35 calories per cup. Now I might eat 8 cups in one sitting and that requires some hard math but the thought of 35 calories a cup is pretty darn nice. Want to know my deepest darkest secret? I’ve even snuck some of this deliciousness into the movie theater – for dietary reasons!!! So don’t judge. I still purchased a $7 bottle of water. Now I usually prefer the sea salt version. But my kiddo prefers the lightly sweet. There is even a kettle corn version – it’s the purple bag (but it’s a whopping 80 calories per cup – – gassssp! but it’s the best). They’re all good and worth trying.

I can only find Boom Chicka Pop at my local Target and Walmart. I think Costco stocks it as well. And there’s always that little website,, that we all know and love so much. 

Hope you enjoyed reading all about my favorite obsessions for the week. I really do have a ton more and plan to share them in small doses on Fridays a couple times a month.