Hi there. I’m Laura! I live in Harlingen, Texas – down in the Rio Grande Valley. We are located on the Texas/Mexico border and I love the culture that this unique area of the country has to offer.

In September of 2004, I met a good looking guy that made my heart go pitter-patter. In August of 2008, I got to marry this hunk of burning love and he made me a farm wife. My husband is a third generation farmer and it is his passion and purpose in life (I totally admire that). Well this man is my first true and forever love.

In September of 2013, I gave birth to our vivacious and beautiful boy. He’s a cool kid and we’re so blessed to be his parents. He is my second love in life.

I didn’t grow up on a farm and I knew nothing about farming in my previous life (I suppose I believe chicken came from the freezer section). In 2009 I graduated with a BA in English from UTPA (now UTRGV). After graduation, I put that degree to super good use and took a job as a meeting coordinator at the Texas International Produce Association. In 2012 I decided to help the hubs full time in the farm office. I do the bookkeeping and any other farm related office stuff that needs to be done (and…maybe a little Amazon shopping). The perks of the job (because you know…I’m married to the boss) include a super flexible schedule and that came in handy when our little guy came along. Now I’m adjusting to life as full time stay-at-home mama, farm wife, office manager, bookkeeper, pre-school party mom, domestic engineer, and anything else that seems necessary at the time.

About the Farm: We farm grain sorghum, cotton, and sesame (you know, like the seeds on your hamburger bun). Our farm is 100% dry land so ya better believe we pray for rain (when it’s needed) because it is our only source of moisture. The only farm animals we have are a few mama cows. The cow business is something we’re doing as a fun hobby on the side (translation: I don’t even really know what kind of cows we have). But the cows are fun to look at (pretty yard décor) so I’m happy they’re here (I’m a work in progress on the farm y’all).

This blog is like my second baby. I know nothing about blogging but I’m in need of an outlet to express my creative side so I’m hoping to use this blog to showcase my life on the farm as a modern farm wife and pique your interests in some of our family friendly “off-the-beaten path” travels among other little knick-knack interests in life (and finally put my English degree to work).

Welcome to my blog and feel free to send any questions about anything I haven’t mentioned!

XO – Laura