You know when you ask a married couple, how long they’ve been together…a typical response is “married 12 years…but we’ve been together for 17” or “married 3 years…but together for 5″…or whatever the appropriate number of years are.  Some of us throw in that extra number of actual years together. It’s important, man. Gotta get credit for all of it. Especially if it’s a good number that tacks on some years of together-ness. Whether you throw it in to show how long you’ve been blisfully happy together – or how long you’ve been in the trenches of life, hand-in-hand, trying to be the best team you can be together, it’s always good to showcase how many years you’ve loved each other unconditionally and stuck it out through thick and thin (in addition to the married years). 

In our case, we’ve been married for 8 years (wait for it, wait for it)…but we’ve been together for 12 years. In fact, exactly 12 years ago today (Labor Day) me and the hubs went on our very first date. If you’ve read our Love Story on my homepage, then you know some of the details of our first date. Like the fact that our first date was a blind date, so it was kind of a big deal for us. Oh! You know I had an excuse lined up in case I opened the door and didn’t like what I saw (Kidding! Actually, I’m not). Fortunately, I didn’t have to pretend to be grounded…or sick. I forget which one I was planning to go with – if it was deemed necessary. The beautiful human standing in front of me at the front door on that first Labor Day date met my expectations and then some for a good looking date.

So our first Labor Day together was a magical one (well as magical as it can get at the local Chili’s and Cinemark theater). Since that momentous date, we have spent 11 more Labor Days together. I won’t claim that this Labor Day is as enchanted as our first Labor Day together. This year we are doing some grocery shopping. A little cardio. Garage cleaning. BBQ chicken for dinner. And pre-setting the coffee pot for tomorrow morning. It’s not magical or romantic – but it’s our real life. And we love it (except for the garage cleaning). But as normal and mundane as it may sound, there’s still a little extra lust in the air every year on Labor Day for us, because we I love to remember our first meeting and first date together and all the desire that lingered between us. Notice how I said “extra lust in the air” – because there is always so much lust in our household. I kid y’all. We try. Just like every other married couple – we work at it every day. But there’s no other human on this Earth I’d rather work at life and marriage with than the hubs. He’s a keeper. On Labor Day and every day.

I hope everyone has a Labor Day full of love (and relaxation).







One Reply to “Labor Day Love”

  1. Laura, I have so loved watching the love grow between you and Chris. The way you have melted your lives together. I hope you always find lust along with the dust when you clean the garage.


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