Earlier this year, I spent some time browsing through Pinterest for some outdoor and gardening ideas for the Spring. After all the picture perfect gardens on Pinterest, I decided that raised beds would be my fresh start for the Spring. Now I just needed a good looking handy man to make these raised beds for me. I like to think I’m a self sufficient kind of gal that can handle my own projects – but when it comes to woodwork, it’s best for everyone involved if I stay out of it. I end up cutting too much on one side, try to even it out, cut a little more, even it out – it’s a vicious cycle. Then I usually yelp for help anyway. So I mentioned it to my hubby in passing…you know “hey, love I was kinda sorta thinking I might try making some raised beds for the Spring garden” (That real direct approach, you know). Well in true Prince Charming fashion – the hubs showed up the very next day in our backyard  with a trailer load of railroad ties and started building my raised beds. It made my heart melt – he actually listened to my nonchalant desire for raised beds and he snapped his fingers and got it done. And I’d bet that a teeny tiny part of him probably didn’t want to deal with my attempting this project alone (and then coming to my rescue). 



Raised beds. Check.

I went to our local greenhouse and stocked up on tomato plants, peppers and herbs. Like the start of any project – I went home to my garden like a ball of fire and excitedly got to work.


Of course this cute kid was excited to join in the gardening fun with me (it involves dirt – it’s a no brainer). We got everything planted. Watered it gently. And walked away to let the tomatoes do their thing. Literally – I walked away and maybe checked on the tomatoes twice (and when I say “I checked on ’em” – that means I walked by). I’m telling you – the hubs makes it easy for me. I know he sneaks out to my garden and doctors it up for success somehow.

A couple months after planting – I walked out to the backyard to play with the kid. I walked by the tomato garden to “check on it” assuming it was a failed crop and low and behold – All these beauties were there. Ready and waiting to be picked and eaten. I couldn’t believe how pretty and how plentiful the forgotten tomatoes proved to be. My favorite thing to do with my garden supply is share with our friends, family and neighbors. It’s nice to share and it keeps me from having to can all these bad boys (maybe one day I’ll pick up the canning bug).


I’m looking forward to my Fall garden. This time I’m reallllllly planning on tending the garden through the growing process. What do you plan to plant in your Fall garden?

XO – Laura

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